Monthly Archives: February 2014

Smile at your reflection

It feels wonderful to be told ‘you’re beautiful’
no matter who it’s from.



An everlasting emptiness,
Of sand.
A desert drowned with pettiness,
It’s no longer your land,

Years ago some watched you mistreat,
Servants rushing at your every want,
Civilians bowing to your feet,
Watching you vaunt,

Now nobody can see you sneer,
There’s nothing left of your ruling,
No one can hear,
Your memory calling,

‘Feed more more gold’.

Life vanishes at our fingertips
Catch and cherish what’s important

Kiss me.

An explosive energy is racing through my body,
As I run my fingers through your lush hair,
You thrust me nearer as I
Breathe in your chemicals,

Your lips are advancing closer
And closer

I gaze back into your eyes
And they’re pigmented with more colour
Than ever and

I can’t help but
Bite my lip
As yours approach mine,
A sensation of warmth
Rushes through me,
I’m under your spell

I love you

If only you were mine
If only this was real