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Blissful warmth

Take me to an island,
Of blissful warmth
With radiant creatures,
That’ll melt my worries
As I chortle and announce
‘You’re powerless now’.

Hope dancing
In the surrounding ocean
With ease,
Mystical magic
That’ll meet my eye
And smile back

Will you take me there?
Away from this place
Of weeping and sorrows,
War and death,
Lies and deceit.
To a parallel,

Enrapture me, making me believe,
That such a place exists.


What’s the point of life?

What’s the point?
Everyday I die a little inside,
And just as I feel a bit of hope,
Hope that someone cares,
The feeling dies soon after.
What’s the point?

I’m surrounded by dolphins,
Swimming oceans and
Living their dreams,
There’s me
I might just disappear.

What’s the point?