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Nothing comes from nothing

‘Nothing comes from nothing’

We are merely a series of coincidences.

We are merely a series of biochemical reactions

influenced by coincidental environmental factors. Continue reading Nothing comes from nothing



An everlasting emptiness,
Of sand.
A desert drowned with pettiness,
It’s no longer your land,

Years ago some watched you mistreat,
Servants rushing at your every want,
Civilians bowing to your feet,
Watching you vaunt,

Now nobody can see you sneer,
There’s nothing left of your ruling,
No one can hear,
Your memory calling,

‘Feed more more gold’.

Life vanishes at our fingertips
Catch and cherish what’s important

Blissful warmth

Take me to an island,
Of blissful warmth
With radiant creatures,
That’ll melt my worries
As I chortle and announce
‘You’re powerless now’.

Hope dancing
In the surrounding ocean
With ease,
Mystical magic
That’ll meet my eye
And smile back

Will you take me there?
Away from this place
Of weeping and sorrows,
War and death,
Lies and deceit.
To a parallel,

Enrapture me, making me believe,
That such a place exists.